About Us

We are here to make your mathematics problems easy. We have well-qualified faculty to help you learning in very unique environment for covering mathematics syllabus including competitive exams like IIT-JEE with emphasis on basics and concepts. We started using digital media and technology enabled processes to reach every Indian student as per their convenience. 

Our Tutorials

Our mathematics tutorials are specially designed by aligning syllabus with different Indian Education Boards; CBSE, ICSE, IB and State Boards.

Our Objective

We created this group in order to reach every student’s life who is willing to learn mathematics and score good grades in academics.

Who Are We

We provide a platform for mathematics aspirants for easy learning. We offer effective learning programs in very unique style for class IX , X , XI and XII of CBSE, ICSE and popular state boards and aspirants of competitive exams like IIT-JEE.

Our Mission

  • To solve your mathematics problems with focus on basics and concepts.
  • To provide a high quality education to students that builds a foundation for future learning

Our Vision

  • Create a new environment for developing learning skills
  • To provide equal education opportunities for all students¬†
  • To create a transformative educational experience for learning mathematics

Our 6-D Approach


We discover the needs of students to solve mathematics problems with ease. We try to understand the requirements for making the learning more effective.


Based upon students requirement and different boards syllabus, we focus on creating our mathematics content with objective to help students score good.


The course content is designed for mathematics experts with considering all previous year papers and important examples to help students grasp knowledge quickly.


We have developed video lessons of mathematics tutorials and uploaded on youtube channel for effective and fast learning process.


Based upon students feedbacks, we customize and update our course content and reach students with better clarity.


We have team of experts who have excellent skillset in order to deliver mathematics lectures with conceptual clarity.

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Why Choose Us?

The course content of mathematics is designed with systematic coverage of all the chapters. The prime objective for delivering tutorials is in-depth understanding with focus on conceptual clarity.

Our faculty has prepared detailed video lessons for each chapters to understand concepts easily by the students at their convenience. Students can access the videos for free anytime and anywhere.

The tutorials are delivered keeping in mind CBSE, ICSE and other state board syllabus and marking pattern so that students can achieve good results.

Our tutorials are prepared in simple and basic language with proper usage of real life examples. Students can understand and adopt the concept quickly.

Our tutorials are enriched with top examples and short tricks that are required to solve competition question quickly; helps student to score well.

We have well qualified mathematics experts, who have attained their Engineering degrees from top ranked universities in India. The faculty is experienced to guide students for cracking competition exams.

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