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Frequently Asked Questions.

Mathematics is subject which give us skills in Problem Solving and Logical Reasoning. Maths help us in thinking creatively by changing the way other thinks. It helps us to learn new things, mastering new methods and solving new puzzles.

Maths is universal language and same for everybody. It doesn’t matter from where you are or where you live. Mathematics is same for Everybody. We can explain and express our thoughts and ideas with more clarity if we use maths.

It’s hard to say that maths is easy but you can make it easy by understanding basics and concepts. It all depends upon your strategy and approach to study the subject. If we focus on basics, we can apply maths very easily to solve tough problems. Also, Maths is one of those subject where you can score 100% marks easily as compared to other subjects.

Maths is used all over the world Everyday by all types of people from Engineers, Doctors, Accountants, Lawyers to Businessmen. Mathematics has wide application in the field of science and Information Technology.

We use Maths Everyday – at our home or outside. Many people go through their daily lives using maths without even knowing it. We apply maths skills so many times; Reading time at home, Buying Stuff at shop to calculate change, discount, sales tax etc., Calculating time to reach particular place if we know the distance etc.. There are numerous applications where we use Maths every day to help ourselves.

If you think or feel that Maths is Boring subject, then it is probably taught to you by wrong person. It only requires your mind to make it work. An amazing teacher can makes this subject very interesting by relating with real life examples.

Maths is all about understanding. So, If we understand with emphasis on basics and concepts, then maths is not hard subject to study. Anyone can study Maths with ease if one is given proper guidance and tuition. Students feel Maths difficult due to lack of Visualization.

There are so many books available in market which offer more or less same content. We would advise you to follow 1 or 2 books to cover your syllabus comprehensively. You can go for NCERT Textbooks to build your basics and concepts and follow R D Sharma for practicing wide range of questions.

To cover basics of every topic and prepare for JEE-main Exam, one may follow Objective Mathematics by R D Sharma. Also try to solve previous year JEE questions with help of books by Arihant Experts.
To score good grades in your board exams, Try to cover syllabus comprehensively and focus on the questions which are asked in previous year exams. Our Tutorials focus on questions which are repetitively asked in CBSE / State Board Exams. You may practice similar questions for high scoring.

There are many options available online nowadays to learn mathematics. One should follow online course which cover the CBSE, Board syllabus comprehensively with emphasis on basics. is providing Free online maths classes for CBSE, State Board for Class 11, Class 12 and Competitive exams like JEE. Students can do maths online free by visiting tutorials page here.

Yes, CBSE has rationalized the Syllabus of all subjects including Maths for Class IX to Class XII for academic session 2020-21 as one-time measure due to COVID-19. Board has also made it clear that no question shall be asked from deleted portion.
CBSE has revised syllabus for academic session 2020-21 and reduced maths syllabus upto 30%. However there is no change suggested in chapter wise allocation of marks. So, Students may cover less syllabus for upcoming exam, thereby making it easier for next session 2020-21. Many State Boards in India are also going to follow same structure due to COVID-19 pandemic.
There are some questions which can be solved using some tricks. For Cracking competitive exams, where objective questions are asked, it is important to learn short tricks, which will save you time and help you to score well by solving more questions. But it is important if you learn to solve question by normal approach as well.

Memorizing Maths Formula can be difficult for some students. Try to understand logically before memorizing formulas. Study complete topic and practice more questions. You may also use some memory techniques by creating the sequence of story.

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