How to Easily Learn Maths Formulas

How to Learn Maths Formulas Easily

Many Students struggle in Maths and they consider this subject very tough. One of the reasons for this is that many students think that there are lot of formulas involved in subject which are very hard to remember. They don’t know how to learn different formulas and memorize for long duration. In order to help this, you need to follow below tips and strategies, which will surely help you to memorise Maths formulas with ease.

  • 6 Tips to Learn Mathematics Formulas
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1. Understand the Basic Concept and Origin first

Try to understand the basics concepts by starting your chapter from Introduction. Always learn why are you going to study particular topic and the origin behind the formula. Once you are clear with the theory, it becomes really easy to write mathematical definition and formulas, which you can remember for long time. E.g. If you understand, what is the physical interpretation of derivative, you can easily write down the ‘derivative of function’ in mathematical terms by focusing on the definition. Also try to derive the formula, which shall help you to retain the same for long time in your brain

2. Visualise the Formulas

Try to visualize the basic formulas so that you can learn them easily. Since, we can learn the things easily be seeing them in the form of pictures or visual illustrations rather than by reading them, it becomes really easy to learn the formulas. E.g. To memorize the algebraic identities, try to learn using geometry and you will learn them with ease. Some videos are prepared by @mymathstutorial, that can help you in getting visual proof and learning with ease.

3. Make a Poster and Stick it on wall

Write all important formulas on a page / poster and paste it on your room’s wall or cupboard door where you visit more frequently. Once, these formulas are visible to you more frequently, then this will lead easy learning in your brain.

4. Write Down and Practice More

Some Maths formulas require focus and deep concentration to memorize. You can memorize these maths formulas by writing down and practicing more frequently as repetition makes good memorization.

5. Use Tricks

You can also go with simple tricks to learn maths formulas so that you can easily memorize them. You can create a story or sequence that involves all formulas you are trying to learn. The sequence of a story can help you to remember things in a particular order.

e.g.: To learn the trigonometric ratios formulas in Maths, Students may use common phrase “pandit badri prasad har har bole sona chandi tole

6. Solve Maths Puzzles

Try solving more and more basic maths puzzles which will help you in recalling basic formulas. This will not only help you in memorizing the formulas but you will also learn to apply maths formulas more frequently, helping you to score good marks.

Therefore, if students follow above tips and strategies, it will definitely help them to excel in mathematics, getting good scores in exams and cracking competitive exams.


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